Israel, Tel Aviv: Psych Shield – Trauma Education Training, July 18

A practical training to learn what traumatic stress is and what can be done to prevent and treat it.

Traumatic stress has been a fact of life for Israel since before the country was founded, and sadly remains a daily issue today. Despite this, or perhaps because it has become so typical, many people are not well informed as to how trauma negatively effects them and loved ones. Trauma effects people’s emotional and physical wellbeing and ability to form relationships in profoundly unhealthy ways, that may be immediately obvious. Happily, trauma-related symptoms can be both avoided and treated, and in a country at war, such information is essential public health knowledge.


Come to this training if you would like:

–  to identify the signs and symptoms of trauma

–  to know where to go for help and what treatments are effective

–  practical tools for avoiding chronic traumatic symptoms and managing day to day stress

Please note – this is an educational not therapeutic event, though a local therapist will be on hand and resources and sign-posting to others in Tel Aviv.

With Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh is a UK expert in psychological resilience with a background in both psychology and “alternative” practices such as martial arts and meditation. He has worked with big business, the UK Police, The UK House of Lords and many NGOs (e.g. Save The Children, MedAir) and armed forces in such places as Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. His organisation Achilles can be found here. He has visited Israel a number of times before.

Date: Friday 18th July

Cost – Free for Israel during wartime (usual price in $250 per person), donations for venue welcome

English with translation

Venue: To be confirmed – Tel Aviv -affa area

Times: 9am-6pm: please arrive 8.45. No admittance after 9.05

Details and booking (places limited) contact: Merav Golani: