Brighton – Paul Linden, Bodywork for Trainers and Coaches – 6th & 7th December

A new two-day workshop for trainers and coaches in the ”hands-on” bodywork of Paul Linden. Paul will teach gentle touch, postural adjustment, ways of dialoguing with the body, his unique “experiments” and other non-invasive bodywork methods to increase body awareness and develop greater freedom and effectiveness. His hands-on work has not been taught in the UK before so this is a rare opportunity to lean the deeper aspects of his method.

Main Benefits of the Training:

  • Practical safe tools you can use with clients in a business context
  • Personal insight and techniques you can apply to yourself
  • Deeper understanding of embodied training that doesn’t use touch

Who this training is for:

  • Business and life coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants
  • Teachers, therapists and those in other helping or educating professions
  • Yoga, dance, complementary health practitioners and martial artists looking to deepen their skills
  • Anyone looking to develop their individual body awareness and grow as a person

From Paul:

“Even if your work does not include touch, learning how to teach self-awareness and centering through hands-on body work will deepen your understanding of mind/body integration and effective action.

We will start with exercises to help you tune your body for sharper perception. Touching is a powerful way of augmenting and correcting your visual impressions of what a student is doing somatically. You will have the opportunity to practice sensing the structure and energy of people’s posture, movement and emotions.

You will examine how hands-on communication can help clients improve their ability to develop and use relaxation, power and kindness. Hands-on work is a precise and rapid way of helping a student notice and overcome unconscious body patterns of imbalance and effort. You will practice a number of different strategies for increasing freedom in the student’s body. These will include such processes as going with the contraction, gently lengthening the contraction, using confusion to interfere with the process of contraction, using rhythmic movement through the joints to release contraction, and using objective  external feedback to help a student perceive and release contraction.”


About the Trainer Paul Linden, Ph.D.

Based in Columbus Ohio, Paul is a world leader in embodied training, having been active in the field for 40 years. He holds a Ph.D. in physical education, is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education, and has achieved a sixth degree black belt in the martial art of aikido. He is the developer of Being In Movement® mindbody training and author of numerous books on applications of body awareness training. He leads seminars around the world. For more information visit:


Nice things people have said about Paul Linden:

“Paul Linden is gifted at uncovering energetic and emotional patterns that impede one’s capacity to be relaxed and fluid under pressure. He has a clear and gentle way of imprinting alternative skilful patterns so the body can recover a more unified life affirming way of being.”

– Wendy Palmer – Founder of Conscious Embodiment

“Paul Linden is a master bodymind teacher who holds a big vision for individuals and societies.”

– Richard Strozzi-Heckler – Author of The Leadership Dojo and In Search of the Warrior Spirit

“Paul starts with questions. These usually lead into a ‘try this’ action. The actions lead to introspection. By working on my awareness of a movement, I find I can change how I use my energy/body. Awesome stuff.”

– Jack, UK workshop participant

“Paul Linden is a genuine teacher of embodiment with great depth of knowledge and tools to meet different situations, and the amazing vision to see in the moment what the client needs. He excels at both helping an individual with their problems and also teaching how to do this. He is also very easy to trust as he is very open with no personal baggage.”

– Eva,  UK workshop participant

Nasty things people have said about Paul

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To register click here.

Cost : £320 (must have worked with Paul before). Book via our Events Page

NB: the bodywork builds on Paul’s group work so it is necessary to have come to a day with him before to or attend all four days to come to the bodywork weekend.


Brighton 6th and 7th December

1230-1900 Saturday

1000-1700 Sunday

Venue: Brighton Ki Centre (click here for map)

Contact: markatintegrationtrainingdotcodotuk, 07762 541 855