London – Working with the Body for Trainers and Coaches, 7th February 2015

This is a practical, experiential training for those who want to develop skills working with the body in training, coaching and facilitating. Using posture, breathing and movement helps clients go deep quickly and creates lasting results. This training will equip you with both greater understanding and tools you can use the next day. Our embodiment determines how we think, how we feel, how we are perceived by others and what we achieve, so is an extremely helpful, and often underused area for both facilitators and clients to address.

Who this training is for:

  • Business and life coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants
  • Yoga, dance, complementary health practitioners and martial artists looking to apply their skills to business
  • Teachers, therapists and those in other helping or educating professions
  • Anyone looking to develop their individual leadership or grow as a person

Come if you’d like to gain:

  • A deeper understanding of the relevance of body awareness, posture, movement and breathing to your work
  • Practical embodied tools you can use with clients immediately
  • Knowledge in how to work with the body confidently and safely
  • Improved self-awareness – what is hidden that is limiting your work?
  • Bodily leadership and influencing skills
  • Techniques to manage pressure and complexity
  • How to better “read” others and employ your intuition
  • A taste of embodied work if you are considering The Embodied Facilitator Course professional qualification
  • Tips on how to make this work accessible within a no-nonsense business environment

About the Trainer

Francis Briers is one of Europe’s leading ‘embodied’ trainers. He has worked alongside Mark Walsh at Integration Training for the past five years, an organisation which specialises in Embodied Leadership and facilitation work. His qualifications include: an honours degree from one of the UK’s top drama schools; training in a range of martial arts (including 3rd Dan black belt in Karate); extensive dance and movement work including 5 rhythms, Alexander technique in movement, and Uzazu Embodied Change Facilitation; Hawaiian Temple Style massage practitioner; currently the only Samurai Game facilitator in the UK; and deviser of the ‘Somatic Presence’ approach to embodied coaching.  His clients include Hewlett Packard, HSBC, The Met Police, LexisNexis, The Academy for Chief Executives, The Global Leaders Academy, and Roffey Park. He is also a trained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual counsellor who has studied spiritual practices and perspectives from around the world. He has published 2 books on personal development and is known for creating learning that balances depth and play, challenge and safety.

Date: Saturday 7 February, 2015

Venue: Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust, 17 Stukeley Street, London, WC2b 5LT

Time: 9.15 for a 9.30 start, finish 5.30. Extra yoga 5.30-6.30

Cost: £95

To register: Click here

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“These workshops connect your body to your mind and help to complete a soul circuit. Plug yourself in and enjoy more powerful coaching and facilitation.”

– Antony Parry, coach and CTI coach trainer, Chichester UK

“Not the type of course that comes in a folder to collect dust on your desk. I found the content real, accessible, and I was able to put it to practical use immediately.”

–   Kathryn Knock, Coach, Norfolk, UK

“It is nothing else but amazing how much I learned about embodiment in only a day and a half… Our bodies talk to us. All of the time. They hold the treasures of untold stories for our success and fulfilment. They demonstrate where our minds make up stories of failure and limitations. They, as an integral part of us, are the foundation for connection. Our bodies talk to us. We’d better start and listen to them.”

– Geert Hofman, coach, musician and author, Germany

“My participation enhanced my ability to talk about embodiment work, helped me gain confidence bringing this work to new audiences, and provided a very rich peer group experience that result in professional friendships”

–   Charlie Birch – professional dancer, Boulder, USA

‘Great conducive trainer delivery style with a passion for the subject and an aptitude to keep things up-beat and varied to gain everyone’s interest. Everything from the ‘heart’ which is a big thing for me not just going through the motions. We are tough strong bunch and I got the impression everyone got something from yesterday’s session so THANK YOU! It was great and I’m looking forward to next session!’

– Kirstie Hawton, Training and Development Manager, Virgin Atlantic, UK (on a corporate embodied learning session)

‘This transcends the realms of the normal corporate training and lifts the lid to real insight and potential’

– Sue Bottomley, Leadership consultant and co-founder of the International Coaching Federation, London, UK

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