Tenets of embodiment

This is a very condensed version of some of the things we work with on the Embodied Facilitator Course and with Embodied Yoga Principles.

T0. Layers tenet – situation, relationship, culture, disposition and environment are all embodied. We are layers adapted to respond to history
T1. Tenet of comfort – the body reveals what’s familiar. What we have practised feels easy
T2. Tenet of joy – delight reveals what’s needed or longed for
T3. Holographic tenet – the body reveals our way of being in all things
T4. Tenet of deviation – inability to follow a form reveals habitual pattern. Habits assert themselves and are exposed by form
T5. Guidance tenet – the body can guide our life. When listened to, the body gives wisdom
T6. Practice tenet – we become what we practice. We can learn to embody new ways of being
T7. Tenet of contrast – the body reveals and learns by exaggeration, contrast and differentiation
T8. Social tenet – we learn in relationship, and naming is powerful. By being witnessed and naming something we deepen insight and declare new futures
T9. Integration tenet – we can transfer embodied learning into daily life by creating micro indicators and asanas, and by designing a practice routine
Supplemental Tenets:
T10. Tenet of process – the body is a process and it benefits us to listen and follow
T11. Tenet of self-regulation – the fight-flight-freeze and craving responses can be managed
T12. Trigger tenet – shadow is revealed by triggering and infatuation