Ethical and Profitable Business

Good article by fellow Brightonian , Julia Chanteray on keeping ethical and profitable. I agree with her that the perceived split between “the good” and “the profitable” is artificial. I guess that’s what this blog is mainly about come to think of it…


Keeping Ethical and Profitable

Sometimes, when I explain to people what I do for a living, I get some strange looks. Telling people that I advise and support small businesses, triggers an emotional response in some people akin to if I’d said that I eat small babies with a side order of Brussel sprouts. “So, you’re like Margaret Thatcher then” was one comment I got recently in the pub.
It’s the word “business”. Somehow this word has got itself a very negative set of brand values – people believe that business is bad. And while I feel all people have a right to an opinion, it does bother me when I talk to business people who feel that running a real business is automatically a bad thing. When I uncover secret feelings in clients that making real money would be unethical, I worry a lot.