Confidence Tips

The article on confidence tips below is an extended version on an article published in The Sussex Newspaper – a paper and online newspaper that focuses on positive news.


Confidence Tips – Staying Positive in The Recession

Would you like to be have confidence despite the recession and any other challenge you have in your life? Confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy for success whether that be in economic terms, in personal relationships or just in staying happy whatever the weather. While confidence alone is not enough and arrogance is not appreciated – a healthy dollop of self belief is always a good start – whatever you wish to achieve. The good news is that it is possible for everyone to be confident as confidence is just something you do, and can be learnt.

Top confidence tips:

Breath slowly and deeply into your belly, focusing on the physical sensations.

Ground, Grow, Extend
Feel your sense of ground with both feet flat, then extend up to your full height and out to your full width. Extend your intention in every direction as far as you can.

Mind your Mind!
Watch and choose to change the stories you live in – for example, are we in a “terrible depressing recession” or an economic dip that provides both challenges and opportunities”?

Get a Confidence Mantra
Replace negative self-talk with a simple phrase that reinforces your confidence, e.g. “I am enough”, “Things are fine.” Also don’t try and fool yourself – when things really are not fine – give yourself empathy without wallowing.

Spend time with confidant people
Moods spread. In person is best, though even reading books or looking at videos of people who inspire you works.

Use Music to manage your mood
Listen to Bob Marley for an hour and try to be depressed. Certain music lifts confidence – for me rock music works well.

List Your Achievements
You have succeeded before, remind yourself

Get Physical
Looking after your physical health and appearance will help with confidence. Sports that involve hitting and jumping like squash, tennis and martial arts will also increase your confidence.

Phone a Friend
Before a particular important event that you need confidence for – e.g. a first date or job interview. Call a good friend and get them to tell you how great you are. When I first did this I felt very English and uncomfortable but soon realised my friend didn’t mind at all and it was a lot of fun.

These confidence tips will all work if you practice them deliberately and regularly. Confidence is a muscle you build. Do not wait for the crucial event to practice confidence, take daily opportunities to extend your comfort zone. And good luck- you can do it!
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