Power, Principle, Profit, People, Planet

Value are not just randomly distributed – they come in sets. This is common sense really – one may be able to guess other lifestyle factors from the paper person reads for example.

There are five basic values-sets showing up in individuals and organisation today. A good way of remembering these is to think of five P’s that they are concerned with: Power, Principle, Profit, People and Planet. These are five ways of thinking, behaving and being.

People and organisations at this stage of development are only concerned with power and threat and are largely egocentric. Gangsters and “hard” sales people are often operate from here.

Order and orthodoxy are important from this worldview – where there is a definite right and wrong. Some “old-school” businesses in the legal and agricultural arenas for example, and many public sector organisations work in this way.

This group are concerned with what works, efficiency and in the business world – just making money. Most businesses and increasingly public sector organisations are operating from here.

This worldview sees people, feelings and cultural sensitivity as important. This worldview is responsible for civil rights and is the leading edge of a few business such as Google and John Lewis.

This stage is just emerging and takes into account all of those before it (who previously have been antagonistic to one another). The “planet” label does not just means environmental concerns (which may exist at other levels, particularly at “People”) but means that in a business effectiveness, profits, people, integrity/principles and influence/power will all be important.

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Leadership So What: Know who your talking with and make offers and language what you say to match.

NB: This theory comes from Spiral Dynamics and the integral movement and is part of the leadership training I provide.