Tips to Overcome Procrastination

Tips to beat procrastination from a recent time management training workshop in Brighton and inspired by Brian Tracy’s book on time management and procrastination, Eat That Frog.

Tips to beat procrastination

  • Be aware of your favourite procrastination activities – time management change start with awareness
  • Set the intention to change – mental attitude is a good start – be specific too
  • Do something easy first to gain confidence (frog tickling)
  • Break larger tasks down to actionable “next steps” (giant frog slicing)
  • Ask will later really be better? (some it will be)
  • Do the hardest thing straight away (eat that frog)
  • Envision successful outcome and consequence of not doing (frog visioning)
  • Set deadlines for yourself – artificial or real
  • Public declare you will do something at a set time
  • Make it easy to start (e.g. lay your gym kit out the night before)
  • Use self rewards and consequences – e.g. “I will go get a coffee after finishing this.”
  • Establish patterns, habits and routines incompatible with procrastination


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