Emotional Intelligence Facts

Here are some facts I pulled out for a group I was doing emotional intelligence training with:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) is 3 times more likely to predict career success than IQ
  • American financial advisers who went through an emotional competence development programme had sales gains of 8% – 20%, significantly more than those who did not undergo the programme. – From Emotional Intelligence at Work – Daniel Goleman
  • ‘A very clear relationship’ between a competency-based measures of emotional intelligence and British managers’ career advancement over a seven-year periodHIGGS, M. and DULEWICZ, V. (1999)
  • Ten emotional competencies emerged as the distinguishing capabilities of successful teams in a German chemical company.  – WOODRUFFE, C. (2001)

CIPD Emotional Intelligence viewpoint
The concept of emotional intelligence is useful because it draws attention to the following in particular:

  • There are aspects of management, leadership and teamwork in which competencies owing their origin to emotional states are at least as important as technical abilities.
  • Managing personal emotions and adapting them to circumstances, and understanding others’ emotions, is an important aspect of leadership and teamwork.

You can read more about emotional intelligence here.

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