Coming Out of the Business Closet

I meet quite a few business people up and down the UK who are interested in helping relieving suffering through our stress management, communication, team building, time management and leadership training. Usually they are HR managers, training managers are CEOs who really care about their organisations’s employees and are keen to see their people thrive. People who give a damn that people are suffering and want to do something about it. What is curious however is that this deep care is often hidden behind rationalisations which it is apparent are not the driving force. Of course demonstrating return on investment to then accounts department is crucial but it is almost as if the HR managers are ashamed to show their human side. I business so brutal that we have to keep our compassion and true values in a closet? I hope not, and hope that ever increasing numbers of HR personnel make a stand for what they really believe in, because if they don’t who in organisations will?

All the best from Brighton,
Integration Training – Business Training Providers