Principles of Social Media

The following is taken from a worksheet for a social media training I did with a London charity recently and outlines the principles of effective social media use for organisations:



Purpose not Noise

– What are you trying to achieve? Who do you want to talk WITH?




Brand not Blah

– Be consistent with content and with regards to who you are online

Service not Adverts

– Be useful. WIIFThem


Emotional not Dry

–  Be touching, funny, passionate, personal, informal, provocative, engaging, etc

Authenticity not BS

–  Be human, be honest. People can smell BS a mile off.

Conversional not Broadcast

–  Listen, respond, chat. Build relationships, connection and community

Responsive not Neglect

– Be quick to engage

Linking not Isolation

– Connect social media channels  – e.g. FB, Twitter, Youtube, e-mail newsletter, website; and to other online networks, e.g., chat rooms, list-serves, etc


Offline not (just) Online

– promote social media offline – e.g. at gigs, word of mouth, posters


Mark – feel free to mail or call me


– Who can you learn from in your sector? Take them for lunch and bring your lap-top this weekend


Tweetspinner – for auto follows and responses.

Our Twitter.

Tweetdeck– for managing large Twitter accounts

Facebook Network analysis

various tools to add to page

YouTube optimisation

Also videos on social media – search “Beth Kanter” for example


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