Best Training Blogs of 2011

OK, so these things are normally done in late December but I like to be different…OK I only just thought of it…In any event, these are my best training blogs of 2011 all in one place for your enjoyment.

Trends in 2011

Here’s what I predicted for the year…how many of them came true.

Stress Symptoms

As ever 2011 was a stressy year – here are the symptoms and this article on call-centre stress management was also popular.

The Brits

Why the British are scared of personal development and how we cope with stress. Both proved controversial.

The Zen of Business

Business Zen.

Weight Loss and Behavioural Change

Possibly the most popular article of the year, on how I lost weight using the principles I use in training to establish change

Emotional Intelligence Facts

EQ facts.

3 Brains of Training

You have three brains and they are all useful in training.

How to deal with Shit

CBT, resilience and obscenities – what’s not to like?

Team Building Questions

A simple approach to team building that I offered in 2011 that people liked was these questions

Types and Book Extracts

Giving away half my upcoming book in 2011 was popular including this chapter on types.

Other good book extracts included fundamentals, on embodied learning and the definitive guide to centring.

Essential Embodied Tools for HR Managers

Useful free stuff if you work in HR

How to Send HR Crazy

Almost as popular was this well researched piece on sending HR crazy

Time Management A-Z

An authoritative A-Z of time management and some tips on overcoming procrastination proved popular from the productivity cannon.

The Problem With Body Language

I am interested in embodiment, body language is something very different and often problematic.

This piece on yoga psychology can be seen as a contrast.

What is Intuition?

Logical and insightful analysis of an often misunderstood subject:

Embodied Integral Theory

For those who want to understand everything – literally

The Rise of Conscious Business

Perhaps the most important one – why business needs values at it’s heart and needs to be reborn:


I hope I can keep up with this output in 2012!