Be a Boss Like a Boss?

There is currently a meme going around the internet called “like a boss” – see for example this video on how to ride a roller-coaster .

“Like a boss” could means doing anything well, but it usually implies complete control, no stress and no emotional expression. To me it exemplifies “manager as superhero” or the “great man” theories of leadership. It shows how there is a part of culture that wants bosses to be perfect and invincible rather than human; wants them to know everything rather than being able to not know. To me this is an outdated and dangerous way of looking at management and leadership and I would encourage any bosses out there not to boss like a boss. Equally the English slang to “boss someone around” (i.e. give orders rudely) is also not useful boss behaviour.

What then do we replace it with? More listening then telling, more emotional intelligence than repression, more cooperation than commands, more questions than pretending we have certain answers? Well I better model that then…what do you think?
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