The Potential of Social Media – Going beyond the numbers

There are a whole lot of business people looking at the rise of social media as a way to make more money. There are a whole lot of people trying to use social media to get attention. We are all finding out that we can do this and more. Everyone is scrambling to learn it or hire people that know how to put it all together, to leverage it.

We all need to think about how we are going to use it before that very first post.

There is another way to look at and use Social Media. A human way. Combining Value with values.

There is an opportunity to create deeper connections to values. Not just value. More and more people are starting to realize the potential of social media as a way to connect to others that have shared values. Sharing the people and things that inspire them.

As with most technology it is not technology that has the power, it is what the user does with it that gives it power. How it is used and what it used for is what changes hearts, minds, and global perspectives. People share what they love and what they hate the most. People, companies, and things.

Some are realizing there are no borders and no limits in this sharing. Social Media has in some ways secretly permeated into humanities everyday life as a hidden phenomenon. Like cell phones, it has become a tool of the modern world that some of us take for granted. Yes, most of us are aware of the business numbers related to social media. The rise of its ability to drive numbers and its ability to create a larger customer base.

Do you want your company to be known for just having a whole lot of numbers? Is it important to you that your customer base know the value behind your brand?

Then connect with them beyond the numbers. Connect with them on something other than deals. Yes your customers are still going to want the deals, but they will be more loyal if you put the human variable into your social media. Put a face and a shared passion behind the numbers. Have a conversation that is not just about money.

Businesses and the rest of us need to reach a deeper understanding of the future potential of social media as it relates to the human race as a whole and what it can do in the hands of conscious users. If a user knows that your company is not just in it for the profit and they see a shared passion for a cause or another human being who inspires them, they will fall in love with who your company is not just what it does or makes. They will share the love.

They will not only be loyal customers but become friends. Your company can not only succeed in gathering more customers and having a better bottom line but succeed at being more than just part of the economic numbers. Your company can also succeed at being part of humanities potential in solving our problems world wide. One of those problems is a lack of deeper dialogue.

There is so much advice about content, content, content….content is great. A real human to human dialogue is better.

Make sure your social media person is not just pumping out content. Hire someone that is going to talk to your customers. Develop a real relationship with them. Customers and fans want to know they are not just another number.

Social Media moving away from just being about numbers and so are human beings. Yes, the numbers matter but the human beings behind the numbers matter more.

As we all become more connected across the globe we are finding people and companies that have shared passions. People and companies we would never have known. The world wide market is a human market. Human beings interacting on a level never seen before.

The Information Age and it’s numbers are starting to move into a new stage for some of us. More businesses and the individuals behind the ones and zeros are starting to realize this. We are becoming aware of our responsibility to not only make sure our companies survive and are profitable but we are realizing that companies have a responsibility and the power to make the world a better place for everyone.

Information is a cold word. It lacks healthy human variables and it lacks context. The companies that are using social media to connect to their client base on a new level are starting to transform the Age of Information into something brighter. Something even more powerful. They are profitable and they are making a difference.

Companies are starting to share their hearts with their clients and finding out that this is ok. It not only helps with keeping the company alive and growing but allows it to be human. We are moving into a new age beyond the numbers. We are here to share the things we love and grow as a whole human race.

We are now in the Age of Sharing.

The things that move our companies beyond profit, the teams behind them, and what drives the individual beyond survival. Social Media is allowing this sharing to be an ongoing dialogue. It does not end. To use a common business term, it is dynamic. However this version of dynamic has a depth to it that we all need to become more conscious of. A depth that is about character, filling in that character with what your customers love outside of the monetary connection they have to your company. Show your customers that the people running the company care about more than taking their money. Show your customers that the people running your company care about more than your customers being another number.

We are all human beings and we all know other human beings, but what really connects us the most are the things and people we love. Each of us love certain companies and we are inspired by other human beings. Companies are run by human beings and customers want to know that. Use social media to put this all together.

Support your customers and the things they love and they will support your company and it’s endeavors in ways that cannot be imagined.

There is no such thing as an End User anymore. Your customers have names.

Share with your customers, give them your name, give them your love, and they will give it back in more ways than one.

Share the good, the true, and the beautiful of your company and the people behind it.


With Love
Jarrad Connor

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