Webinar: Working with the Body in Training and Coaching

With Mark Walsh

21st October, 1800-1930 UK time
16th December 1900-2030 UK time

Are you a coach or training who would like to learn more about working with the body?

What we think, how we feel and what we are capable of doing is determined by our posture, movement and breathing. How others perceive us, how we get along with them and what we are able to see in them is also bodily, yet the body is often ignored in training and coaching. Many coaches and trainers have good verbal and emotional skills but lack a way to work non-athletically with the body, to deepen their work. This innovative webinar is a chance to learn how to use “embodied” work to get to the heart of things, open new possibilities and make change stick. If you’re bored of all the chat and Power Point this online training is for you! It will be interactive and led by Mark Walsh, a leading specialist in this area (full bio below).

Who this webinar is for:

•   Business and life coaches

•   Independent trainers, facilitators and consultants

•   Trainers or coaches working within organisations

Come if you’d like:

–   To be able to work with the body confidently

–   To learn applications to stress/time/change management, leadership, team building and communication training

–   Improved self-knowledge – reveal what is hidden that is limiting your work

–   Practical embodied tools you can use the next day with clients

–   Practices to develop your own and clients’ impact and influence as leaders

–   An improved ability to “read” others and work with intuition

–   An overview of the field and relevant theory and research

–   Tips on the language, science and approach to use with no-nonsense business to make the work accessible

–   To ask questions for applications to your work specifically

Videos to Find Out More

About embodied training http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FocbzSag7qg&list=PL4A19C050E73C5869&index=0&feature=plcp

Animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Yq04eOj18

To Register

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This webinar has a limited number of participants.

Log-in details and pre-webinar videos will be sent to you a week before the webinar itself.

To find out more contact Mark here

Mark Walsh is one of Europe’s leading “embodied” trainers and coaches . He has lead Integration Training for the past six years and taught in many countries. He has been innovative in bringing this work online and has an establishedYoutube channel and a large social media following. His qualifications include an honours degree in psychology, residential training with various bodymind masters, training in linguistics, NonViolent Communication, body-psychotherapy, improv, meditation, dance and martial arts (he’s an aikido black belt). His clients include Unilever, Virgin Atlantic, The Metropolitan Police, AXA, Newfield coach training, Liberty Global, and the University of Sussex. He has also worked with peace projects in Palestine, Afghanistan, the slums of Brazil, East Africa and with The Sierra Leonian Army. More importantly than all this stuff however is that he really loves embodiment and is an utter obsessive geek about it. His ambition is to make it OK to be a human being at work again.