Embodied Training and Coaching Masterclass – Bled, Slovenia, 20 March 2014

Embodied TrainingAn experiential dive into the depths of embodied training and coaching for experienced Newfield grads who have already trained in the basics.

  • Practical coaching tools – a review and some new ones
  • The meta models experienced embodied trainers are (mostly unconsciously) using
  • Moving from new-age superstition to rigour in embodied work
  • Centring – advanced level
  • From four archetypes/dispositions to twelve
  • Embodied evidence base and neuroscience
  • A collegiate space to play, explore and have fun together

Bled, Slovenia, 20 March 2014 from 13:00 – 19:00

Euro 100 payment in advance. Click here to make your payment.

With Mark Walsh, (somatics training with Newfield Europe), Founder of Integration Training and the Embodied Facilitator Course

contact: markatintegrationtrainingdotcodotuk

View some of Mark’s Integration Training videos here:

Embodiment and Embodied Training

Embodiment, Body Language in Business

Embodied Approach to Leadership Skills and Leadership Training

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