Laying into ‘Deepak ChOprah’ and Others

A friend got upset today because I laid into Oprah Winfrey. Others find it confusing when I criticise Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie or the mainstream yoga scene, so I’d best explain myself for being so unpositive 🙂 Why do I aim vitriol here, am I jealous of their success or just a hater? No. Aside from the fact that they’re in the general field I think about a lot, I view them like many would view Fox News or The Daily Mail. They’re part of domination culture’s sedation, distraction and propaganda machine. I sometimes call this the spiritual industrial complex. This is why I say they’re mouthpieces taped to a wealthy Satan’s anus shitting on what I hold dear with each distorted socially- toxic profit-making offer. Those advocating only psychological change and magical thinking as a solution while ignoring social inequality are targets. Those who insist on “positivity” while the world literally burns are targets. Those advocating and supporting the same values of American corporate culture are targets. I will not stop if it costs me friends and clients. I will not be polite about it. I will not compromise on speaking truth to shitty new age power. Yours, as ever, with rainbow-coloured dolphin farts. Mark x