What mentors can pass on

Last week I was working for the first time as a true colleague with one of my four main mentors (Paul Linden). I’m still not as experienced as him of course but I bring something to the party and we balance and learn from each other. This is quite rare and says a lot about his strengths. Of the other three, one taught me something of a traditional art – aikido- and also something of how to be a good person, and then passed away (William Smith) as I was starting to use it in novel ways. Much love. One opened doors, connections and opportunities for me and helped me see what was possible in life before letting me move on in my own way (Don Levine). Much love. And one taught me a lot and kick-started my career before being caught in a couple of unhealthy cultural traps related to ownership and inter-generational dynamics. Much love and also sadness. These four cases show me something of what is possible to pass on.