Brighton – Bodywork for Coaches, Trainers and Therapists Intensive – with Paul Linden, assisted by Mark Walsh , 27 – 31 July 2016

“Power without love is brutal and destructive; love without power is weak and ineffective.” – Paul Linden

Sadly this is really likely the last time, master embodiment trainer Paul Linden will be teaching his full “hands-on” bodywork system, with an emphasis on how it can be used by life and business coaches and facilitators as well as therapists of all kinds.
Why you might want to attend:
– Learning Hands on bodywork is the most tangible way of improving your awareness of embodiment even if you don’t work with touch. Embodiment is a way of experiencing your life, and it has important consequences in how you feel, relate and what you do.
– Gain a practical set of tools to support group embodied training or 1-1 coaching or therapy
– Links made to business competencies and how to work in corporate environments , eg standing and in office clothes, as well as in more traditional bodywork environments
– Personal growth. We will be working with each other so you will experience a lot of bodywork too!
– “BIM works toward an integrated mindbody state of power and kindness, which is the foundation for relating in ethical ways to other beings and the planet itself.” – Paul Linden

Paul’s full Being in Movement system and a wide range of tools including work with:
– Awareness and intention
– The structure and function of the body. Postural alignment as relates to who we are
– Breath
– Self-concept and meaning in the body
– Imagery
-Reframing body actions as hypotheses and hypotheses testing
– Embodied ethics
“Body awareness is feeling the rhythms and qualities of your breathing, posture, and movements and understanding how that is the foundation for psychological and spiritual wholeness.” – Paul Linden

Nice things people have said about Paul Linden:

“Paul Linden is gifted at uncovering energetic and emotional patterns that impede one’s capacity to be relaxed and fluid under pressure. He has a clear and gentle way of imprinting alternative skilful patterns so the body can recover a more unified life affirming way of being.”

Wendy Palmer – Founder of Conscious Embodiment

“Paul Linden is a master bodymind teacher who holds a big vision for individuals and societies.”

Richard Strozzi-Heckler – Author of The Leadership Dojo and In Search of the Warrior Spirit

“Paul starts with questions. These usually lead into a ‘try this’ action. The actions lead to introspection. By working on my awareness of a movement, I find I can change how I use my energy/body. Awesome stuff.”

Jack, UK workshop participant

“Paul Linden is a genuine teacher of embodiment with great depth of knowledge and tools to meet different situations, and the amazing vision to see in the moment what the client needs. He excels at both helping an individual with their problems and also teaching how to do this. He is also very easy to trust as he is very open with no personal baggage.”

Eva,  UK workshop participant

Nasty things people have said about Paul

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Cost: £1200 including materials. Payment in advance.  Numbers strictly limited. Please contact us to check availability prior to making booking.

To Book your place: Please click here.

Time: 9am – 7pm (latest finish).

Venue: Brighton Ki Centre

Pre-work: Attend a group embodiment workshop with Paul Linden (there’s one 26th July) and watch a DVD you will be sent on booking.

Questions & info: contact Mark Walsh – mark@integrationtrainingdotcodotuk to book a place.

25th Jul,  Working with the body for trainers and coaches with Mark Walsh £75/£95 (prerequisite for Masterclass if you haven’t worked with Paul before)
26th Jul,  Masterclass in Embodiment for Trainers & Coaches with Paul Linden £180 (prerequisite for Intensive if you haven’t worked with Paul before and highly recommended if you have as a review – included in Intensive price)
27th – 31st July,  Bodywork for Coaches, Trainers and Therapists Intensive with Paul Linden £1200, Masterclass included but please let us know if you’re coming.