“Mindfulness” has become a special thing now but most people are pursuing presence, though in different ways. There’s also a lack of understanding when people say things like “running/art/cooking is my meditation” though. Here are some distinctions – I use them all weekly, if not daily.

The basic strategies to establish presence are to increase intensity of sensation so it can’t be ignored (hot yoga, skiing, much music, sex, much drug use, etc), to increase the level of detailed attention required to do something through technical difficulty, again enforcing attention (Iyengar yoga, ballet, most traditional martial arts, much art, etc), engaging in a trance inducing activity (eg running and some dancing), or the slow path of just developing awareness and attention with what is happening by patiently returning to it again and again (some would say this is true mindfulness). All methods have advantages and disadvantages:

Intensity – easy to engage but addictive and hard to apply. Little life transfer possible as a result
Detail – straightforward method but can lead to neurotic self-control and perfectionism. Little life transfer possible again
Trance – deeply engrossing (so relaxing) but totally limited to the activity itself so no life transfer
Patience – slow, hard but safer and creates at least the possibility to apply to life though this is rarely done as gradients of intensity and realism are needed