It’s all our fault…

To my left-leaning clever liberal friends: This is our fault.

– It’s our fault because we didn’t find a healthy sane way to love our country and gave nationalism to the racists
– it’s our fault we got weak and no longer have the courage to really fight for what we believe
– It’s our fault we spend more time on yoga and pretentious coffee than politics
– it’s our fault we haven’t DESTROYED the apparatus of lies that makes poor people vote against their interests and that we are no longer credible with them
– it’s our fault we’ve so fucking clever arguing on Facebook about bullshit instead of taking action. It’s our fault we’re pussies
– it’s our fault we think convincing everyone we’re very very not racist and using the right PC words is more important than combatting real discrimination
– it’s our fault we’re good at pointing a smug finger down at others and not taking personal responsibility


Apologies and much love to all the non-UK people in Britain worrying today. Sorry.