Webinar – Facing death to find your life’s work – a free webinar, 14th July 1800-1900 UK time

Only by facing the taboo of death do we realise our life will end and is precious. This is not easy but is worthwhile if you wish to connect to what you care about and do your life’s work.

An interactive webinar on finding your life’s work by facing death.
Come if you’d like to:
– get closer to what you are here to do
– avoid wasting your one precious life
– build courage in the work you love if you already do it
– reconnect to what you care about and forget the bullshit
– sweep away barriers to doing your work
– love deeper
The call will involve personal stories, poetry, meditations and practical things you can use ongoing. It will likely be quite full-on and not your average boring webinar! There will be time for questions.
A lot of webinars these days are crappy sales-pitches so let me be straight – this isn’t. It’s going to be deep and hugely useful. I do hope some people who come sign up for the Purpose Black Belt course after but really don’t mind at all if they don’t and want to give away some really good stuff irrespective.
Precaution: if you have suffered a recent bereavement or trauma, are feeling under-resourced, or have active mental health issues, this webinar is best avoided as it may be intense.


Message mark@integrationtraining saying “death webinar” to register – joining details will be sent on the day

If you can’t make it register for the next one and more free stuff here:
Nice things people have said:
“Mark’s teaching on clarifying purpose has informed the way I live my life and all the work I do. Working with Mark helped me become more assertive and definitive in communicating my desires which makes my desires more attainable. Also, the company Mark keeps is nothing short of amazing. Many of the relationships I established while working with Mark continue to grow and enrich my life. I highly recommend his body of work and have great respect for him.”
– Charlie Birch, Co-Founder at Rebel + Connect, Boulder, USA


“Thanks for fanning the flames of my purpose and passion, to keep me inspired and motivated in my professional life.”
– Karin van Maanen, yoga and mindfulness teacher, Canterbury, UK


“I did a one day course with Mark and in the first 10 minutes we nailed how to feel less fear. I’m bolder, more energised and more directed towards what brings me alive with a deep foundation in the body that I can revisit anytime. I noticed unhelpful patterns that hold me back and now have some swift and easy ways to unblock them. Not only do I feel more focused on what my purpose is, but I also feel totally equipped to take it on.”
Sarah Ryan, journalist, Peterborough, UK


“I was scared to harm others by not being perfect and I got from my session with Mark that if I’m not doing my work this is in a way harming. This was a powerful insight for me. I also received some good advice from Mark, and I was gently challenged by him.I could feel his deep desire to serve and help me in achieving more ability to live my deepest life purpose.”
-Kévin S, France.