Have been doing quite a bit of coaching work around confidence recently – helping everyone from people wanting to start businesses, to managers who want to speak up in meetings to teenagers who want to talk to girls 🙂 Some really quick embodiment wins around posture and state management and a few reframes that help most people I thought I’d share:

– stand up straight, breath, back of head up (not chin), stride…watch my embodiment videos basically
– confidence is something you DO not something you are
– don’t compare your insides with other people’s outsides
– know your strengths. Ask around if you don’t and listen to appreciation
– talk to yourself like a friend. If you can’t manage that be polite to yourself
– being confident does not mean not being scared. It just means doing the thing
– you don’t have to be certain to act confidently, you just need to be committed. Certain people are bloody dangerous in fact
– just be realistic – have you done this thing or something like if before? You can’t do anything – that’s cheesy American bullshit – but what evidence is there you can do this thing?
– we’re inter-confident. Build a tribe that builds you up (within reason) not puts you down
– you’re gonna die and all it’s all a game so don’t worry about it
– what did I miss?