Brighton – Embodied Yoga for Coaches – 28th and 29th October 2017

Embodied Yoga for Coaches – A weekend training to acquire a simple and powerful set of body coaching tools

Embodied Yoga Principles is a non-athletic system that includes a set of postures that quickly reveal personal patterns. These can also be used as an efficient practice for coaches to develop themselves.

EYP postures are ideal for coaches who want to work more with the body in a simple practical way. I find the postures super helpful for cutting though the bullshit and getting right to the hearty of a client’s issues. From the course, a 1-5 mins homework can be given, so clients have something simple to take away and do in their own time.

This course is for:
– Coaches who’d like to bring the body into their work in a simple effective way
– For coaches skilled with working with the body already, but would like to a new way of working and gain an overview ‘map’
– Group facilitators who are looking for a simple pragmatic body tools
– Yoga teachers looking to move more into coaching 1-1

NB: no yoga experience required though a few basics helps.

With Mark Walsh, Jude Murray and EYP teacher guests








As a coach I’ve been working with these techniques for some years now and seeing great results. I teach them to yoga teachers globally but increasingly coaches have been coming to trainings so I network designed a shorter training just for coaches.
-Mark Walsh


Date: Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th October

Brighton Ki centre, central area)
12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD map

Time 9AM to 5PM
Ongoing mentoring as required

£400 Booking (£100 deposit)



Mark has dedicated his life to embodied learning and has trained coaches in 30 countries for many years, including through the Newfield Network, as a guest of CTI, The London Coaching group, on ICF webinars, at the EuroCoaching Conference, as part of The Embodied Facilitator Course which he founded:

Jude is an experienced yoga teacher who works 1-1, runs a yoga for cancer course and has pioneered Celtic Yoga. She is a senior EYP teacher.












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