Stupid Training Tips

As the recession shows signs of waning I’d like to speed its demise in my own small way with some (cynical) Monday morning humour. Hard financial times can bring out fear and at times downright stupid behaviour in organisations. Here are some “stupid training tips” inspired by what I’ve seen happen in regard to training over the last year. Thankfully the training managers I work with are a smart bunch and are resisting the following:

Top Tips for Stupid Recession Training

Don’t do it at all
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is so dumb it hurts. Of course as a training provider I’m biased so look at the evidence that organisations that invest in training come out better from a recession than those that don’t. And from the USA. The same is true of advertising and PR which are other “luxuries” too easily cut. I’m currently investing in SEO and PR which are both doing rather nicely because few others are investing 🙂

Do it all “In house”
Would you do your dentistry in house? Of course I’m biased and there are many things that can be done adequately in house. “Adequately” however is often the appropriate word – I provide stress management training for example and can do this better than an in-house team as I am an experienced trained specialist – like your dentist.

Just do e-learning
It may be easier or cheaper but it’s sometimes a lot less effective than bespoke training involving the human touch. Can you learn to drive online? No, the theory yes, but learning to drive, no, and learning to lead a company, emotional intelligence or conflict management is a lot more difficult than driving, because its a lot more personal.

Do “tick-box” training
There is real learning tailored to your actual needs, and there’s fulfill the minimum requirements to tick a box. The former will probably cost more time and money, the latter will however just waste time and money.

Do it in less time
Less is usually less, not more. If a time management course takes half a day asking it to be done one the cheap in a lunch-break will result in something as useful as one hand clapping.

Don’t evaluate training outcomes
Training is an intervention to do or change something. Check that it does.

Don’t use Train to Gain
They wont call it a “free grant” but if you’d like some money for leadership training for filling out a couple of forms (the admin has got WAY easier) then give them a ring.

Don’t use special offers
In a recession there are likely to be free training trials (call us on 07762 541 855) , money back guarantees, free trials and special offers. Smart training companies are building relationships for the future and smart training managers utilising this.

…And two real stupid training tips the Government has followed of late:

– Reassign some NHS training teams to deal with Swine Flu
– Instruct some Councils not to spend money on training so as not to seem like they are “wasting money” *

Ahhhhhhhhhh! OK cynicism over, I hope there was something helpful in there – like a lot of folks in training the recession hasn’t been easy but things are starting to look up. I also appreciate that training managers do have to deal with slashed budgets and this is frustrating, sometimes worse. I sincerely hope that everyone buying and providing quality training makes it through this recession with their livelihoods intact.

Here are the stupid training tips turned around into a more positive form and condensed into useful recession-busting training tips:

5 Recession Training Tips

– Continue to do training that benefits your organisation in the long and short term
– Get in experts where necessary
– Use training that proven to work, in a time-frame that works
– Use personal bespoke training and e-learning where appropriate
– Use Train to Gain and special offers to save money

Training So What: Keep training but train smart
*for the record neither of these example are from clients but both I’m reliably informed have happened